I am a musician and maker pursuing a PhD in the Experimental Music and Digital Media program at Louisiana State University, where I focus on intermedia works using digital fabrication, embedded computing, haptics, and physical modeling. I hold a Master’s degree in Media Arts from the University of Michigan and am a founding member of the group Bell Monks, which has several releases available at music.bellmonks.com and on clang.

As a practitioner caught between the worlds of art and engineering, I strive to create balance between the technical and conceptual. I am most comfortable when attempts to create meaning are met with equally perplexing technical problems to solve, and vice versa. The end goal is ultimately to create content and tools that allow for technology to melt away completely, enabling intuitive expression.
This aspiration towards balance is the message I try to communicate through my work. The work is both the embodiment and expression of left-brain/right-brain symmetry. It is a reminder to myself and the community that our tools must catalyze real creativity while being dependable. Prioritizing balance facilitates a fluidity between dichotomies, opening infinite spectra to explore.