A selection of original music. Additional work can be found on SoundCloud and YouTube.



“Hydrokardia” - Telematic laptop duo w/ video, from Interdependent Series
(collaboration with Anna Weisling)


“Resuscitation” - Laptop quartet, from Interdependent Series


“Metropolacy” - Snare drum and electronics, from Interdependent Series


“Water is Thicker then Blood” - Live electronics


“Flatland” - Live electronics w/ video
(collaboration with Anna Weisling)



“Arbor I-V” - Fixed video miniatures w/ stereo audio
(collaboration with Anna Weisling and Nick Zoulek)


“Climb” - Fixed stereo media for dance
(collaboration with Liz Sexe)


Bell Monks
(collaboration with Jeff Herriott)

Additional recordings available on Apple Music, Spotify, clang.cl, and Bandcamp.